Knuckle Roller

Resolving Conflict:

At the beginning of a conflict of any kind, place tokens on your scrying circle. The tokens go in the places where you have selected attunement. Place a “counter” token in the first wedge of your scrying circle. Shuffle your tarot deck and draw the top card.

Any player may decide to roll their knuckle die to resolve the conflict. Roll the die as many times as you want, accumulating points to get over the target number(s) for the conflict. Any single roll of the die may be used to draw cards instead. Draw a number of cards equal to the number you’ve rolled and don’t add that number towards your total. You still keep these even if you fail the roll.

You may stop at any time. If you roll an X, the rolls fail. None of the points go towards resolving the conflict. If you have a token or a card in the quadrant of your scrying circle, you must get rid of it. If you do not, you will progress your “counter” token around the circle one space. The conflict now draws a card from the Coven Leader’s tarot deck.

When the conflict has cards:

These represent a new difficulty and players have agency to describe it. If it is a minor arcana card, the difficulty is associated with the motif of that suit. The card is placed in the conflict quadrant for that suit. Some conflicts have no suits, multiple suits per area, or individual suits. If the card is a major arcana a card, it is associated with the current quadrant. This quadrant cannot be passed through with rolls until the card is removed. Players may still roll towards the conflict; but the total points don’t go towards anything. This is more of a way to earn cards.

The card is removed by discarding a card of the same suit as the one in the conflict. Players don’t need to be in that quadrant of their own attunement. Storytelling-wise, you’re combining the attunement you are currently in with the attunement of the discarded card.


At any time, you may craft a spell. You need a Major Arcana card and any number of cards with a matching suit. Create this spell and associate it with the attunement of the suit. When you are in that quadrant, and you can weave that spell into your description, you may add a bonus to every roll you make equal to the number of suit cards in the spell. When you invoke the spell, it is up to you to describe how it works. Each time you add its power to a die roll, you will roll a knuckle die. If it is an X, you lose the spell. However; you have a chance to make your spells more resilient. For each attunement point you have in the suit of the spell, you may add an extra major arcana card to the end of your spell stack. If you roll an X to use your spell, instead of discarding the whole spell stack you will discard one of these extra cards. The storytelling part of what happens with the spell involves this card’s motif.